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ChatSpot Network is an Internationally recognized Network listed with most major IRC applications and websites. Our availability is Global and our interactive Chat module is offered with a 99.9% uptime standard. 

Global Perspective

As business grows the International standards get higher and businesses get less publicity with ongoing growth. We offer a Global service which includes ongoing development and introduction which will take your Company to new heights.

Industry compatibility

The application of this service is versatile and will suit any industry as it can be amended to fulfill your exact business needs. There is no limit to development which ensures that your business stands out in it's own unique way.

Big city to online Business

Whether you are running a business from a location or from an online website or both, the Chatspot service can be a helpful tool to bring your Business to new heights. Most online companies give you a simple tool. We give versatility.


What it is:

Services Inc ChatSpot is a uniquely designed IRC Chat Client and an advertising hub. 

It includes many other features that other business services do not have and will benefit your Business in a lot of ways. 

To name a few we will abbreviate a little on the subject of each feature for better understanding why we would go out of our way to create a whole new application and not just use any existing IRC application out there. 

• With ServicesInc ChatSpot Premium for Business you will have an open ability platform to place as many ads as you like. As long as they are not duplicated. 

• We have a channel #free-ad-space where ads placed with our Automated System or Bot will advertise you live 24/7/365. This channel is visited from our main Services Inc Website at Your other placed ads will also be listed in our Directories page for all the people to search through.

• Our whole application is based on Websocket technology which makes the speeds and stability as well as compatibility with browsers much better. This is all done over SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) Connections to keep your Business private and secure. 

• We use real SSL certificates and not self signed certificates like our IRC counterparts. These certificates are signed by a CA ( Certificate Authority ) making us the most secure platform. 

• Our whole app is also designed encrypted to ensure that the whole process is handled over SSL connections. 

• We offer the ability to upload Channel based backgrounds for people to see when they are in your channel. This makes your brand stand out when people visit you. 

• We have integrated an image and video upload straight to our servers which you will be able to use. You can share easily on the client for everyone to see all your business videos and pictures. 

• Should you have a YouTube video you would like to share there is no need to download it. The onboard YouTube support is integrated with the YouTube service and will allow you to share while you still get your views on the YouTube website. All the more reason not to struggle with downloads and sharing on yet another platform. 

• You are allowed to own as many channels on our network as you like. You also have the ability to set the restriction for non registered users to enter or not enter your channels via a browser default. The control on our servers are of high quality and secure at all times since everyone must use SSL and no open ports are available for Non-SSL users. 

• Full in channel support is offered to all Premium Users. This is for setting restrictions and other channel modes you would like to add to your channel.

What it can be used for:

The platform was redesigned from a business point of view to offer Businesses a stable secure and useable platform of infinite posibilities. 

You can own your own Business channels for people from all over the Network to come and visit you. Seeing that this service is live the posibility of people finding you is better than on any other non live Network or Social Media Platform out there. 

You can own hidden (secret) Business channels for internal communications with your staff. This gives you the ability to stay connected live and in real time instead of slow inefficient emails or expensive phone calls. 

You can customize Topics and entry messages for users that should enter your channel to better suit your business protocol. 

Customized backgrounds and greets gives you that edge in making your clients feel secure and taken care of. This is what it is all about. Clients that feel secure and at home already received 90% of service delivery. The other 10% will be handled promptly and in real time as you will have the ability to service many clients all at once. 

A solid tested platform is handed over to you as Businesses with our development team handling all the testing of every aspect of the application ensuring you the maximum security all the time. 

You are allowed to post YouTube videos, Videos and Pictures of Services in our free-ad-space channel as frequently as you like to draw live visitors from our website to do business with you. 

Placing ads on our platform makes the ads visible to each user that enters our chat from any angle. This ensures maximum publicity for your Business. 

The easy deletion of old ads by a simple click of a button to remove the ad from everywhere. 

Live stream ads in #free-ad-space through our Automated System PremiumBot to get the maximum out of being online 24 hours a day without having to type all day. 

We offer the option of a custom designed application for your website should you want to integrate it for your users to easily connect with you. This will be branded according to your business needs at an aditional charge. 

We advertise all our channels on our facebook page. That will include your Business channel aswell. We also do Gumtree ads for maximum publicity to our Network which includes you. 

Development on any aspect can be performed should it be an option we can add for all our premium users. If the people vote for it, it will be added to our functions we can offer to you as our clients. 

Discussion groups can also be a way of the future. You can open a temporary discussion group where people can visit you in converstation about topics and interests. 

The platform is limitless and any new use for the service will be welcomed with open arms to grow our community.

Do I have to register?:

To be a Business Premium User you have to register. You will also have to provide us with a valid business registration number to be an advertiser on our network. 

We verify all businesses and business owners via email. We do not allow non registered businesses to roam on our Network since that will be unfair to our clientele to offer them a scammer if that be the case. 

We also do not conduct business with any pornographic nor illegal traders. This is not what this service was designed for. Should your business conduct be of illegal nature your account will be terminated without delay.


per year
  • Advertise 24 / 7
  • Unlimited - URLs Welcome
  • Trusted and Secure


per year
  • Global Adverts
  • Free Usage of the ChatSpot Application
  • Have your own Live Chat Space for people to visit


per year
  • As Business
  • Automated Services 24 / 7
  • ChatSpot Chat Application Addition
  • Link from your Website To your Chat Space 


per year
  • As Premium
  • External Marketing on Facebook
  • Special Event Listings
  • Constant Development Updates
  • A full featured Business Branded Chat Client To Embed on your Website

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